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A note on style - Random pages from my work

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

I wanted to add some snapshots from my work. Below are random chapters from printed copies of The Last One and Igador Roots.

From The Last One : Maximo Logan is an eleven year old part Mexican boy that dreams of being a bullfighter. He uses a cape and sword to joust with cars, outside the driveway to his home. But he lives way out in the middle of nowhere in a border town called Dearest, Texas. His closest friends are older Mexican migrant ranch hands that call him ‘el ultimo’ or ‘the last one’, as he’s usually the last one to know what’s going on. One day while fighting with traffic, some locals throw a dead dog at him out the window of their car, unwinding a string of events that expose the dirty politics of the town. Particularly that of Don Logan, his wealthy white grandfather, who owns half of the county. With a mother that’s trapped with him on their farm and a young orphaned teenage neighbor that he’s in love with, Max finds himself bored with anything that isn’t charging him like a bull. Until a mysterious man from his mother’s past shows up to play a poor father figure to Max. He’s fearless, dangerous, cruel and psychopathic and he’s got a truckload of priceless Mexican artifacts that he’s using as leverage to get money from Don Logan, the boy’s ruthless grandfather. But other things are in the making for Max who’s growing up fast and accepting a word that’s moving toward him like an angry bull, along with a shocking revelation and an explosive end.

From Igador Roots : Igador Roots, a boy that has been left in the woods by his father at a very young age, is welcomed by a loving nature spirit that haunts the forest. With parents that have met with tragedy in their upper-class world, Igador’s aunts and uncles have taken over and run the family empire, the largest shoe company in the world. For Igador it matters little, as he lives and roams about the forests, although he studies mankind from the edge of the trees and bushes and swamps. After an accidental run-in with the estate groundskeeper, Igador finds out he is actually ‘Theodore Brute’, the air to the shoe empire. But he’s a wild man coming to terms that he’s human like all of the other beings in the neighborhood. Although something is different about him. Roots grow up from the ground around his feet, and follow him around everywhere, with the nature spirit keeping a close eye on her beloved son. And in this new world he discovers he may have a destiny he never imagined, finding love, exploring wealth and luxury, and discovering the dark secrets to his family’s past in this whimsical fairytale about things that should never be.

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