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Short Stories:


Head & Other Short Stories (Compilation) – 10 Stories (2016-2021)


Full Length Fiction Titles:


The Devil Has A New Name (2010)

Traffic Light (2015)

One (2016)

7 Steps In Every Direction (2016)

Slave (2017)

Beneath The Nothings And The Nobodies (2017)

A Gallon And A Carton Of Grace (2018)

Johnny Non-Lethal (2018)

Where The Sun Stops (2018)

Second Citizen (2019)

Always The Brave Die Young (2020)

No Tonight (2021)

Land Of A Billion Prophets (2022)

Once I Was King (2022)

Igador Roots (2023)

The Last One (2023)


Non Fiction Titles:


Rattlesnake & Copperhead Dens Of the Northeast (2019)

NY Forager’s Manual (2020)

Will McCoy’s Guide To Grammar & Story Telling (2020)

Antidote Seeds Ultimate Guide To Cannabis (2021)

The Best Of The Best Dream Cars (2023)

Wisdom Of The 21st Century (2023)




School Of Visual Arts NYC, film major (2000-2002)

CCV, for liberal studies (2009-2011)




Reflex Press, Flash Fiction (2015)

Anchor Archive, Short Story (2016)

Unsung Heroes, Flash Fiction (2022)


Grants, Awards & Residencies:


Creative Rebuilt Of New York Grant (2022)

NY Foundation Of the Arts Grant (2023)

Arts, Letters & Numbers Residency, Averill Park, NY, on scholarship (2023)

BigCI Residency, Bilpin, Australia, on invitation (2023)


Writer’s Conferences:


Southern California Writer’s Convention, California (2017)

Writer’s Digest Conference, Los Angeles (2017)

Algonkian Writer’s Conference, New York (2019)

Cape Cod Writer’s Conference, Massachusetts (2023)

Writer’s Digest Conference, New York (2023)

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