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Author of sixteen works of fiction, Dylan Christopher went to the School of Visual Arts for film and video. He has won grants from both Creative Rebuild & NYSCA/NYFA for his work. He is currently working on a wide range of fictional stories while in the process of making his work commercially available. His broad range of work includes contemporary, upmarket and commercial fiction with a literary edge; as well as magical realism, satire, drama, allegorical first person narratives and some adult science fiction. Many of his novels cover current events and get into controversial topics, are often written in a conceptual, minimalist, and visual style, in the process of bridging the gap between novels and screen plays, a staple of his work. Although primarily a novelist, he is also an illustrator, digital artist and philosopher. Also to be noted, Dylan Christopher is not 'self published'. The self designed cover art is merely a picture to best represent each of his projects and is also used for printing personal / author's copies. 

Dylan has lived in Vermont and California and currently resides in New York.



Samples of work and complete works of fiction are available upon request.

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